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Root Canal Therapy in Fort Collins, CO

Root canal therapy is a very misunderstood procedure, and its bad reputation is based solely on myths and misinformation. Root canals are a common, virtually pain-free procedure. They remove infection, preserve your natural tooth, and alleviate tooth pain. At Caring Smiles, we provide gentle root canal treatments and work hard to ensure our patients feel comfortable and relaxed while we work.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal surgery removes infected or damaged pulp from inside your tooth. To start, we make a small hole in the top of the tooth and pull out the decayed tissue from your tooth’s root canals. Then we clean and disinfect the canals. Once your tooth is thoroughly cleaned, we seal your tooth with a filling to prevent further infection, and often add a dental crown on top for additional protection.

Symptoms to Look Out For

Wondering if you need root canal therapy? Here are some of the most common signs of an abscessed (infected) tooth:

  • Severe or persistent tooth pain

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks

  • Dark tooth discoloration

  • Red, swollen gums

  • Sore near the tooth

Root Canal Cost

There are many contributing factors that affect the cost of a root canal, including the extent of the damage or infection and the number of root canals the affected tooth has (different types of teeth have a different number of canals). During your consultation, we’ll examine your tooth, provide you with an accurate cost estimate, and go over our flexible financial options. We’ll help you get back a healthy smile without breaking the bank.

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