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Camping & Oral Health

added on: April 19, 2016
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Going camping? Don’t forget about your oral health! Summer is just around the corner and there is nothing more beautiful than a summer in Colorado. When you’re gathering your supplies and putting together your toiletry kit, remember to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss! Floss is a commonly forgotten item but it’s so small, you can’t afford not to bring it. Who knows, maybe you’ll need it for an awesome MacGyver trick on your trip.

camping and oral health in Colorado

Your Toothbrush: For Dental Hygiene or Science Experiment?

How you pack your toothbrush can make the difference between conducting a science experiment or maintaining good oral health on your camping trip. Toothbrushes are wet after you use them, and they will stay wet if you don’t dry them out properly. A wet toothbrush is a perfect storm for bacteria and growth of microorganisms. Shake your toothbrush dry! Store it in a place where it can air dry, and if you’re moving your stuff, try to keep it out of closed containers for as short time as possible.

When Camping, Respect Mother Nature

What’s the proper teeth brushing procedure when you’re in the woods? It all has to do with LNT principles (Leave No Trace Behind) and wilderness etiquette, which isn’t just important for your fellow campers but is also crucial for making minimal impact when you’re camping. For LNT tooth-brushing, you should not just spit a glob of toothpaste into the bushes because animals will eat it, which will make them sick and also make the leaves of the bush defoliate.

After you swish, you should stand away from your camp and spray out like a lawn sprinkler. Doing this diffuses most environmental impacts and spreads the toothpaste out enough so animals can’t eat a bunch of it at once (and maybe not at all). If you floss, do NOT leave it behind. Make sure you are taking any used floss with you and dispose of it properly when you get home.

Ultralight Backpacking? Try a Portable Toothbrush

If every single ounce matters, try a portable tooth brush like the Aurelle TOOB brush which combines toothbrush with toothpaste for maximum efficiency.

Other considerations for your oral health while camping includes your diet. We know that some of you may be getting your fuel from Gorp (trail mix) which means you may be eating some M&M’s and raisins. If you eat these very sugary snacks, try to find the time to at a minimum vigorously swish your mouth with some water so the sugar doesn’t sit on your teeth and wear down your enamel. The best solution is to brush your teeth after eating sugary snacks, but when camping, we know this might not always be ideal.

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