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Dental Emergencies: When to See a Dentist
added on: September 8, 2017

You may think it won’t happen to you, but it never hurts to be prepared for a dental emergency. We’ve put together a list of common dental issues that may arise, and what you should do in each case. Toothaches If you’re experiencing a toothache, first try rinsing your mouth… Read More…

What Exactly is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?
added on: November 2, 2016
Baby bottle and infant

At Caring Smiles Dental, we want to make sure your children are healthy and happy. From a young age, it is important for children to take care of their teeth in order to prevent cavities. Even though their baby teeth are temporary, children and infants are still susceptible to cavities… Read More…

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Dr. Allen Donates Sonicare Toothbrushes to Shepardson Elementary
added on: October 26, 2016
Learning child

This year in celebration of back-to-school, Dr. Allen donated Sonicare toothbrushes to Shepardson Elementary. Kids dental health is very important, even when children still have their “baby” teeth. Taking care of your teeth through brushing and flossing prevents plaque, a thin and clear film of bacteria that sticks to your… Read More…

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Wacky Toothpaste Flavors
added on: September 14, 2016
Toothpaste flavors

Toothpaste…how interesting can it get? Well, gone are the days of plain spearmint, mint, or peppermint. Back in the day, toothpaste flavors (or dental cream, as it was once called by Colgate), were not meant to be exotic or interesting. Tastes and fashions have changed, and the 2000s are all… Read More…

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Creating Back-to-School Dental Routines
added on: August 4, 2016

As the kids head back to school, you want to make sure they’re developing healthy dental routines that will keep their breath fresh, their smiles bright, and their teeth in great shape. School starting back is a great opportunity to start new habits, refine old ones, and change things up… Read More…

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How to Properly Care for Your Dentures
added on: July 7, 2016

Dentures are an important investment for your oral health. They protect the missing spaces in your teeth by preventing bone loss as well as assist you with chewing and speaking. Dentures can last a long time if you take care of them properly. Here are a few ways you can… Read More…

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Oral Health
added on: June 10, 2016
Oral health tips

Taking care of your teeth is vital to not just your oral health, but to your overall health. When you leave dental problems unaddressed, they can quickly snowball into other, more extensive health issues that affect the entire body. In fact, dentists agree that many dental issues can be avoided… Read More…

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids That are Good for You & Your Teeth!
added on: May 18, 2016

Summer is just around the corner, which means more time outdoors for the whole family! It is important to keep kids active during the long summer months. Staying active is not only good for us physically, but allows us to interact socially and make new friends. When planning your summer… Read More…

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Camping & Oral Health
added on: April 19, 2016
yellow tent camping

Going camping? Don’t forget about your oral health! Summer is just around the corner and there is nothing more beautiful than a summer in Colorado. When you’re gathering your supplies and putting together your toiletry kit, remember to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss! Floss is a commonly forgotten item… Read More…

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Could Your Jaw Pain be TMD?
added on: April 1, 2016

If you are experiencing unexplained headaches, facial pain, ear aches or jaw tension, your pain may be a sign that you are suffering from TMD. Temporomandibular joint disorder is a common ailment that affects over 10 millions Americans, and it appears that the condition seems to be more common in… Read More…

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