Celebrities with Dentures

added on: September 5, 2018

celebrity emma watson wore dentures during Harry Potter filming

It’s no secret that Hollywood A-Listers spend fortunes on their appearances. After all, when you’re paid to look your best, you spare no expense. Not only does this apply to celebrity outfits, hair, and makeup – many celebrities use dentures to achieve their perfect smiles! We’ve rounded up five celebrities you may be surprised to learn wore dentures at some point in their career.

1. Clark Gable

Not only did the “King of Hollywood” star in more than 60 different movies, he did most of his work without having any teeth! Gable suffered from severe gum disease as an adult and had all of his teeth removed as a result. He relied on dentures to create the perfect smile.

2. Emma Watson

During some of the early Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson lost some baby teeth and had to wear dentures while filming. We’d like to think Hermione’s smile is the result of some dental magic! As far as we know, her current teeth are all-natural.

3. Ben Affleck

Rumors have surrounded Ben Affleck’s teeth for years, but sources say that he wore dentures for years to achieve the perfect smile. Now, celebrity teeth experts say he’s switched to veneers instead.

4. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is known for writing rock anthems and for his bright white smile, and we’re pretty sure only one of those is a natural gift! The musician likely wears dentures to get his gorgeous smile.

5. Nicolas Cage

When Nicolas Cage is not busy starring in blockbuster movies, he clearly spends a lot of time consulting with his dentist. Judging by his perfect, pearly white teeth, he probably wears a quality set of dentures.

The verdict is in – dentures aren’t just for older people! Celebs of all ages swear by dentures and other cosmetic dentistry procedures to achieve a red carpet-ready smile. If you’re interested in taking your smile to the next level, schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen today.

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