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Cosmetic Dentistry

added on: September 17, 2015
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“I’m a Happy Person. Really.”

You’ve said it before. It’s a familiar scene: a friend sees a picture of your recent family vacation, the one with your relatives scrunched into the frame all around you, beaming from ear to ear. And there you are in the middle of the crowd, trying desperately to blend into the background with your lips pressed tight together in an unmistakable expression of …meh.

“You look miserable,” your friend tells you, and looking at that photo, you can’t really argue with her. In that moment, you were indeed miserable – and remembering it now isn’t much fun, either.

“I’m a happy person,” you insist. “Really. I just don’t like to smile with my teeth.”


In this situation, you have three options:

1) You can change the subject, pretend nothing’s wrong, and start planning an epic costume for next Halloween, when you will inevitably dress up as Grumpy Cat. Again.

2) Try to smile more and show off those not-so-pearly whites, even as you attempt to push irrepressible feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness deep down into the pit of your stomach.

3) You can do something about it.

Let’s assume you choose door #3, shall we?

With a little help from your friendly neighborhood dentist, you can have a movie-star smile in no time. (How do you think Angelina Jolie got those gorgeous chompers, anyway?) If a little discoloration is your only issue, they’ll set you up with a prescription-strength whitening kit to use at home – easy and effective! Maybe you’re going for a more glamorous look (or combating some serious stains). In that case, porcelain veneers can be applied to the surface of your teeth to give you the enamel of your dreams. Whitening has never been easier!

But it’s not just that yellow tinge that’s bugging you, you say? Your teeth are uneven, weirdly-shaped, chipped from an unfortunate incident with a glass bottle a couple years back – whatever the issue, you can find a solution in the dentist chair.

Bonding is a perfect way to fill in random chips and cracks. Best of all, the composite bonding material is custom-matched to the color of your natural tooth, so no one will be any the wiser. For really severe dental problems, particularly when your oral health is being compromised, your dentist may recommend a full mouth rehabilitation – a comprehensive treatment plan that’s tailor-made to serve your specific needs.

In any case, contacting Dr. Allen means that you’ll have a medical professional at the ready to guide you through these processes and answer all of your questions. Doesn’t that sound better than frowning at the camera?

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